For about 15 years of experience in IT which involved Windows Programming, Web Programming, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, a pinch on SEO, exposure on handling high traffic websites, handling Webservices and currently with all these expertise got myself into mobile development. By the grace of God who have given me the ability to learn and adapt quickly to new environment gave me a special eye on handling high profile projects.

My Clicks

I always had a passion for Photography from tender age of 7.  I remember my father taking me to an exhibition in Government Museum, Chennai.  The exhibition was showcasing various books under various categories.  Right from morning till afternoon I was wandering to get a book for me.  Around 11 am, I was struck with a book and it was about photography.  I could not get past that book.  Although the book was bit pricey my father managed to get that for me.  That helped me a lot in understanding things about photography.  Again here I am trying to make a point that I am not the best photographer.  But I love photography.

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My Gadgets

I always had a craving for electronic goods.  When was studying 9/10th standard, I got interested in electronics.  I started to play around with diodes, resistors and LEDs.  I first successfully fixed my old radio which was non-functional for a long time.  After this success, I tried to replace my tape recorder heads.  I no longer into that business.  But I love electronics.  Now my focus got on to gadgets.  I would like to post some review on the gadgets that I am using on my day to day life.

Have a look at my collection.


I have come across various operating system and software packages in my life time.  But I have not thought about Piracy.  I used to pirate any software that I liked.  I used to download them from torrents and as I am a developer I was more than happy to write my own key generators & cracks.   However my eyes were closed at that point and I thought whatever I did was right and there is none against the same.  One fine day, I got a thought running through my mind.  I was able to feel the existence of God at that point.  You may be surprised that what has got software has got to do with God?  Well, I was pointed out that I dont steal for food, I dont steal to cloth and why do I steal when it comes to software?  The same day, I uninstalled all the pirated software from my system.  Now, I am happy owner of all genuine software which I have paid from my earning.

Here is the list of my software collection

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